Klan Supporters We of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are unapologetically committed to the interest and values of the white race! We are determined to maintain and enrich our cultural and racial heritage!
So you support the KKK but can't become a member at this time because of person reasons, fear or repercussions(though no one will ever know you're a member unless you reveal it to them), or you simply can't participate. Join our TAK Ghoul Squad! As a Ghoul Squad member you will play an important role in helping the Klan in its mission. It takes a good, solid financial base to keep things humming and with the support of our Ghoul Sqad, TAK members will be able to have the means for many more literature drops, challenging unconstitutional laws, helping the deserving poor, etc. Show your support today by contributing to our unseen, invisible army of supporters. A $25 contribution will get you a Ghoul Squad certificate. Contributions of $100 or more will get you a certificate and Ghoul Squad t-shirt

To become a Ghoul Squad member call 800-293-5781 or send your contribution payable to TAK Attention: GS  P.O. Box 1572, Park Hills , MO 63601!