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The Lager Louts - Big Breaks & Heartaches (2004)
The Lager Louts are a five piece raw Oi!/streetpunk band with old-school HC influences from Holland. Their music is drum and bass driven, with singalong choruses. The Lager Louts were born in 2002. They decided to create whole new songs, and change the style a bit as well. Another Dutch streetpunk band and songs like "Line 'Em Up", "Veteran" and "When We Were Young" were born! No gigs were played in this year, also due the fact that they already broke up in late 2002! A few months later they got back together again. This was in the beginning of 2003. They got a little bit more serious, and really wanted to make something out of the band. In June they went the studio to record more songs for the first album, tracks like: "Maybe Tomorrow", "Too Fast To Live..." and "Rest In Peace" were written, rehearsed and recorded in a 2-3 month period. In the meantime they also played with many national and international bands such as Deadline (our first gig), The Briefs, Unite Against Society, Poison Idea, Disturbance, Menace, The Boys, Blood Or Whiskey and The RawBerries. The debut album released in March of 2004. Positive reactions from the people and big zines were given!

01 - Line 'Em Up
02 - Veteran
03 - Live For Today
04 - When We Were Young
05 - Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die
06 - Rules & Restrictions
07 - True Friends
08 - One Life
09 - Maybe Tomorrow
10 - Big Breaks & Heartaches
11 - The Memories Remain
12 - Rest In Peace


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