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Gob Squad - Watch The Cripple Dance (2008)
Gob Squad is a punk rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. The Danish punkrock group Gob Squad started playing in the summer of '96, heavily influenced by such bands as Rancid, Operation Ivy and NOFX. They developed a skill for writing catchy and infectious songs that quickly got better as the band grew tighter musically, growing towards a heavier and thicker rock sound. By the time they released first album they had become a formidable and interesting punk rock band. Gob Squad also has the reputation as an utstanding live act. They have toured extensively throughout the past 3 years and they have now reached over 250 live shows spread across Germany, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland gaining them tremendous live experience and thus enabling them to put on an unforgettable live show packed with energy and attitude. This album is their third full-lenght album. A lot of the increased buzz about the band can be credited to the band's guitarist Thomas Bredahl, who was announced as the new Volbeat guitarist early last year but has decided to balance his time venly between the bands, but that's not the only reason to the growing hype. Today, it looks as if the band has been slowly evolving into better and better artists, and are now able to write songs that have a very real chance of appealing to a much wider audience. The band blasts a solid melodic punk song after another, each being textbook examples of combining medium-high speed, catchy hooks and raw singing together. However, with tracks like "Stop Pretending" and "The Reason", Gob Squad has absolutely raised their profile in Denmark and opened up for some serious international acclaim potential as well. Overall, "Watch The Cripple Dance" is a vivid example of a band that's finally about to piece it together, and should they continue on the same path of progression, their next album is going to be killer. On any account, they're a hell of a lot better band than Volbeat, anyway, and one can only hope that Bredahl will focus his time on Gob Squad's next album.

01 - Unconscious Souls
02 - The Tyranny In Good Intents
03 - Stop Pretending
04 - The White Flag Held Up High
05 - The Reason...
06 - Same Old Street
07 - Stand Up And Fight
08 - Vacuum Of My Own
09 - Time To Be
10 - Reflection Of Youth
11 - Watch The Cripple Dance


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