"More local content means more regional subscribers and ultimately more revenue. "The Middle East has been a tinderbox and especially over the last three years. "Why wouldn't it be?"Congress authorized an additional $300 million in security assistance for Ukraine in its fiscal 2020 spending package. Wire services, like ​Western Union or Moneygram​, provide some faster options but can be significantly costlier for both sender and recipient. On Friday, the president criticized Bloomberg on Twitter, mocking his refusal to participate in the Democratic presidential debates

"This will enable us to identify possible flight irregularities even earlier and implement countermeasures at an early stage. Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Kohl's, and while the trust had been offloading shares, Cramer said, those sales were halted after Boss' note was released. It's probably not politically correct to talk about it, but you have to think about it. He said it's possible because the industry's sky-high prices have left a lot of fat in the system. On Tuesday, they confirmed the country's first case, a man in Washington state

—Melloy10:28 am: Homebuilders started to pop even before existing homes data hitHomebuilder stocks and the SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF all moved to highs after the 10 a. One of the main reasons why the market is not overly concerned about the situation is how unlikely any further escalation seems. sanctions that were reimposed after President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal. "Diseases like coronavirus remind us why we need robust international institutions, strong investments in public health, and a government that is prepared to jump into action at a moment's notice," Warren wrote in the plan. He is now to step down from his role and assume a new position at U

The chambers have clashed over whether to guarantee testimony from witnesses. "The emerging markets are where the action is," Allibhoy told CNBC. "Last quarter, we articulated a long-term plan for disciplined growth and a clear path to profitability, and we continue to execute on this plan each day," Minson said in a statement. The chain has also been selling off its company-owned stores to franchisees. Neither Hyundai nor Uber is saying when they expect to see a version of the S-A1 ready for flight

8 billion) investment fund, Invest-NL, aimed at making it easier for Dutch companies to attract investors and to promote innovation and sustainability. When a nearby guitarist started playing Eric Clapton ballads over lunch, I decided it was time to move on. Other Democrats in the field haven't proposed a top rate above 39. These things have an enormous hit on economies," said Rob Carnell, Dutch bank ING's chief economist, adding that some countries even slipped into recession. They will likely do enough to defend their breakfast share," he said

The ad campaign was sponsored by a group called "Doctor Patient Unity," and said big insurance companies have a "scheme to profit from patient's pain" through rate setting. Many people in China have purchased face masks to protect themselves from the outbreak. Facebook has insisted it won't fact-check political ads, arguing this could interfere with free speech in politics. Government and non-profit websitesTwo regulatory bodies that oversee the market — the private sector Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the federal Securities and Exchange Commission — also have educational tools for investors. taxes as an American citizen — and so will the couple's son, Archie

A number of stock option bonuses for CEO Elon Musk will trigger if the market cap stays at $100 billion or more for an average of one month and six months. But can you really afford it?Your money also won't be earning much. VIDEO8:2808:28How JetBlue plans to stay relevantThe airline did not say how much the proposed plan will cost, and did not mention any plans for offsetting international flights. Tsai's aides likely advised her to bolster her online presence to help boost her campaign against her rival Han in the upcoming elections, said Li. (AP)Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is looking for a female "life partner" to accompany him on Space X's maiden tourist voyage to the Moon

More CNY appreciation will require a Phase 2 deal, which is unlikely to materialize before the US presidential elections in November. Bryan R Smith | ReutersHere's what you need to know about Monday before you hit the door for the weekend. Watch more:How Germany's universal health-care system compares to the United States. withdrawal from the deal, including its announcement last summer that it had breached the deal by exceeding its stockpile limit of low-enriched uranium. A weaker-than-expected report on manufacturing Friday only solidified the lower bond yields

Even with the price cut, Tesla's Model 3 starts at over 300,000 yuan ($43,133). "I truly think it's right for our shoppers, right for our customers and right for the ecosystem," Ganenthiran told CNBC. But firms have until June 30 of this year to comply with the rule. "We're expecting all four of them to make it space this year," Anderson said. —By Harsh Sinha, chief technology officer at TransferWise and a member of CNBC's Technology Executive Council

VIDEO13:1413:14Larry Fink: Financial risks of climate change are bigger than any other crisisSquawk BoxUltimately, no one is coming out as a winner against climate change. DisclaimerTrader disclosure: Brian Kelly is Long Bitcoin, Ethereum, Oil, GLD. "Since then, both have worked out, and the Fed is still whining about inflation being below target. The unemployment rate is expected to remain unchanged at 50-year low of 3. "When high volatility comes into play, or there's major stock-specific events, that's when you're going to see the big difference